Ketchikan, AK July 1, 2018
Ketchikan is an island with no bridges connecting to other islands or the mainland. It has nice wharfs, totem poles, gift shops, and a 2:1 ratio of black bears to residents...but no fish (at least while we were fishing). Dave and John had a much anticipated, guided, salmon fishing trip planned (and pre-paid) for Ketchikan. The salmon fishing turned out to be salmon trolling. We spent 4 hours trolling four lines at depths down to 100 feet but no salmon were reeled in. It turned out to be a nice day and lots of bald eagles to be seen, but no joy on the fishing front. We did get homemade smoked salmon dip, Ritz crackers, and white Oreos on the boat. All things considered, it was a pretty good first day in Alaska.