Singapore Zoo and the Battle Box
Singapore 4/21/2007
I visited the Singapore Zoo with some colleagues during a free Saturday on a recent business trip. The Singapore Zoo offers photo ops with certain non-carnivorous or non-venomous animals for a nominal fee of $5 Sing (about $3 US).  Sitting with the orangutans during their snack time was an unforgetable experience.
The zoo is set in a lush tropical setting (like the whole island!) with plants and fllowers like the one at the right everywhere.

The Singapore Zoo has a polar bear exhibit that must cost an arma and a leg to maintain. There's an underwater viewing area to watch these huge bears swim (see below)
There were some noisy gibbons while we were there. Click on the image at the right for a short video. We speculated that the gibbons were howling in response to the tour guide speaking in the microphone.
The zoo has quite a nice selection of reptiles including a large iguana (right) and tree bioas (below). I did not get a good picture of the huge king cobra or the komodo dragons, however.
Singapore has some unique signs warning you not to do this or that, or not to go here or there. This sign at the left was in front of the cage with the American Mountain Lion.

Below is a picture of the depiction of General Percival's last staff meeting in Fort Canning before surrendering to the Japanese in February 1942.  This was part of the Battle Box tour of the fortifications in Fort Canning where the British command bunker was in 1942.