Boulder City NV and Hoover Dam July 29-30, 2010
I travelled to Boulder City, NV, which is about 25 miles outside of Las Vegas and 10 miles or so from Hoover Dam. It was a very productive couple of days, and we had time before our flight left on Friday to visit Hoover Dam.

I saw the dam from the air on the approach to Las Vegas, but seeing it up close is much more impressive. We took an hour-long tour. Best dam tour I've ever been on!.
The picture above on the left is the new bridge that is supposed to open later this year. This picture was taken from the top of the dam on the NV side. Above on the right is one of the intake towers on the AZ side in Lake Mead.

Below are pictures from the tour where we were in one of the ventilation shafts about halfway down the dam facing the downriver side.
The first stop on the tour was to view one of the penstocks, a 30 feet in diameter pipe that delivers the water from the intakes to the turbines. The one in the picture on the left is in one of the 4 original shafts dug to divert the Colorado River so the dam could be built. The floor of the observation room was vibrating from the water flowing through the penstock.

On the right are the tops of the 8 large turbines on the NV side of the dam.
There was one more fringe benefit for me on this trip to Boulder City, NV. I got to see Charlie for dinner in Las Vegas. He was doing a show at The Sands with Dean and Sammy, and had time for me between shows.