December 2010
Catlett Family in motion

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 to all our friends and loved ones...

We're a little late this year getting out our December activities update, but better late than never, eh?'s a composite of pictures from the last 30 days or so ...
Saturday December 4 ...the annual Rudolph Run and Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. We were the musical entertainment.

December 7
...we celebrated Victoria's 11th birthday


December 24
Victoria was one of the narrators for the Christmas Story at the 4PM Mass (a promotion from the role of the angel Gabriel last year).

and fencing several nights a week ... uh-oh moment....2001 CHRIST MAS December 25, 2010
...we had a nice quiet Christmas as a family. We decided that we did not want to continue the short-lived (1 year!) tradition of Christmas dinner at Jack in the Box, so we planned ahead this year. After 10AM Mass we had a nice meal at Humperdink's.
...the Catlett's....2010
December 27

...Lucy's 14th Birthday

We drove to Fredericksburg, TX to find a restaurant with large antlered animal heads on the walls to celebrate Lucy's birthday. Fredericksburg is a nice little German town west of Austin. We had some good German food and visited the Nimitz Museum.