Trip to Germany
Freising and Munich, February 2011 This was a 3 day visit to Germany .

At the right is a picture taken with my iPod camera on airplane en route to Germany. It could be captioned "The Loneliness of the International Traveller."

The two pictures below were taken at the Huber Weisshaus in Freising. The sign behind me has an est. date in the 12th Century. I'm sure it's not the original bierhaus. Above the door to this establishment was the banner in the below right picture, commemorating a Papal visit to Freising and Munich pf Pope (Pabst) Benedict XVI in 2006. I didn't know that "Pabst" mean "Papa" in German. That gives me a whole new appreciation for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. "Wer glaubt is nie allein" is German for "A believer is never alone."
I spent the last day in Germany visiting colleagues in Munich, which was just a 30 minute train ride from Freising. Below are some pictures from the area around Neuhauser strasse, the shopping district in Munich.