Roamin' Catletts in Germany
June 2017
Charlotte and David met in the Munich Airport coming from Texas and India, respectively. David worked at the TI facility in Freising for a few days while Charlotte enjoyed wandering the city.
The panorama shot above was taken from a window at the TI site and shows that major landmarks of Freising. Marienplatz (picture at the right)is the main square and the Dom is the cathedral. Weihenstephan is an old (really old) Benedictine monastery which claims to be the oldest brewery in the world.
The picture on the left is at the Huberweisses biergarten in Freising. The two on the right are from the Weihenstefan brewery where we were taken by our friend and colleague Dietmar Walther (picture with Dave on the right).
Freising is an ancient bishopric town with its patron saint, St. Korbinian (far left). The saint is associated with a bear which, when the saint was entering the town in the 8th Century, killed his horse. Korbinian ordered the bear to carry his bags. Freising is full of bear statues and images of bears with backpacks.

The other favorite son of Freising is Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a.Pope Benedict XVI.