Bangalore, India
December 4-13, 2009 My job took me again to Bangalore, India for a week this month. Since my last trip ( India 2008) there was a lot of construction around the hotel and a lot more security because of the Mumbai attacks in November 2008. In the pictures above, the hotel entrance is through the iron gates on the left by the guys in the light blue shirts.

On Sunday December 6, we went to mass at St.Patrick's then had our driver take us out to the Majarajah's Bangalore palace. Here are some pictures: Majarajah's palace, Sunday December 6
These pictures below were taken in and around Bangalore during the week. If you look up the Hard Rock Cafe in the Bangalore guidebook, it's not likely to say "Turn right at the sleeping dog on the side of the road." In this case, that would be good advice. The middle picture was taken one evening looking out the main doors of the hotel. The fog is insect repellent applied at this time of night because that's when the malarial mosquitos are active. The monkeys were on the wall right across the street from the hotel.
On this trip I got to visit with Father Antony Munjanattu for a little while. He was one of our parish priests at St. Jude in Allen for about 5 years. He returned to India last summer. He had been visiting with his family in Karola and stopped in Bangalore for the night on his way back to his post in Bhopal.
These are some pictures of an odd looking tree I thought was kind of cool.