Trip to India August 2013

On a recent trip to Bangalore, India on business, I took a few extra days on the end of the trip to fly up to Indore in Madhya Pradesh province (via Mumbai) to see Father Antony Moonjanattu.

Father Antony is in the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle (MST), based in the Kerala region which is his home province. The MST has many parishes and schools in the Madhya Pradesh region, and a seminary in Ujjain. Before coming to St. Jude in 2004, Father Antony was teaching in the seminary in Ujjain. For the last year, he has been in a parish in Shajapur (see the map below). He was recently elected by the superiors of the MST as Councillor and Financial Administrator of the St. Paul Province (North India), and will be stationed in Ujjain.

Father Antony met me at the Indore airport on Friday. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday in Ujjain, then traveled to Shajapur Saturday evening. After Mass in Shajapur on Sunday, we headed back to the Indore airport for me to fly home. Here are some pages with pictures from Ujjain and Shajapur.

link to UJJAIN pictures

link to SHAJAPUR pictures
LINK to Diocese of Ujjain website