Trip to India June 21-28

I travelled again to India in June. We had the weekend to get acclimated. The pictures above are just pictures taken from the car as we drove back and forth from the hotel (left is the dining room of the hotel).

We took a ride in a tuk-tuk cab (3 wheeled taxi) to dinner one evening. I captured the ride with my IPod and it's at the YouTube link below. There were three of us squeezed into the taxi. Since I had the broadest shoulders, I had to sit in the middle and lean forward.
YouTube link
We went to Mass in English, on Sunday at the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier (the Jesuit missionary to Asia in the 16th Century). This is the cathedral for the archdiocese of Bangalore. I found a little plaque on one of the pillars with a crab holding a crucifix. I'd never seen such a symbol so I took a picture and did a little research. One of the old stories about Francis Xavier was that he tossed his crucifix into a raging storm at sea, with a request to God to calm the sea, on one of his journeys. Apparently it worked but he'd lost his crucifix. It was returned to him sometime later by a sea crab, as the story goes.