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Reflections from the chili cook on New Year's Eve...
I spent some time this week looking at my iPhoto library for 2017. Cameras are so ubiquitous these days and we take a lot of pictures. I found many pictures of myself in my library and, with few exceptions, they were also with someone else. It prompted me to reflect that taking a selfie with someone else, or asking (sometimes a complete stranger) to take my picture with another person seems deeply personal. The picture is not just a reminder of a moment or a place, but also with whom it was shared. So I looked at my photo database through that lens and arranged this collage of 2017 pictures (sorry, no captions or tags). I was amazed at how it made me feel about the past year. Yes, 2017 was a tough year but there were also new friends, new places, and a keener awareness that family, friends, and colleagues of the highest quality surround me. This was not some great revelation or epiphany, but rather just a gentle reminder that God's love touches us through contact with other human beings. Thank you all and I wish you a blessed 2018.