Reflections from the chili cook on New Year's Eve 2019 ...

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In the quiet time before the new year begins, I've been reflecting on 2019 through a Benedictine oblate lens of these three monastic principles:.

stabilitas: daily commitment to my vocations: husband, father, teacher...

obedentia: active listening and paying attention (needs work in 2020!) and

conversatio morum: daily engagement on attitude and lifestyle improvements. This year I include in this category ...joining Title Boxing Club in Allen where I'm making friends and getting into the best shape I've been in 20 years...the University of Dallas and Collin College for the opportunities to be a better professor...the community of monks at Subiaco Abbey...and I've perfected my mead and Hefeweizen recipes (and hopefully stout and cider in 2020)

As I looked at these pictures from 2019 in my photo library through this lens, I was again reminded that God's love touches us through contact with other human beings. Thank you all for your contributions to my 2019 trip around the sun. I wish for you a blessed 2020.