Roamin' Catletts in Paris, France
August 2016
Charlotte met David at the midway point of his journey back from India on business. We rendezvous'd at Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport then took the Eurostar bullet train to Paris for a few days.
We had a wonderful few days of good meals with Brouilly wine, fine art and architecture,lovely strolls through Paris with great weather, and Mass at Notre Dame.

Bon times.

We found that its nearly impossible to get a selfie together with the Eiffel Tower. Some gymnastics were required.
The Eurostar bullet train was really cool. Top speed is 334.5 kph (our train topped out around 300 kph) with 50 km of the London-Paris route is under the English Channel.
Our last night was back in London near Heathrow Airport. Dinner at the Ostrich pub which has been an establishment on that site for 900 years. A picture on the wall notes that King John drank here. Good food and pints.