North Texas Regional Science Fair
Decayed Food
Victoria was the only 1st grader in her elementary school to submit a science project to the school science fair.  She received a grand prize for her project and advanced to the North Texas Regional Science Fair. Although she only got a participant ribbon at the regionals, she really did a good job and had a great experience at the regional fair.

Her project was called "Decayed Food." She got the idea from a book on kid's chemistry projects. She saw a project about blowing up a balloon with a decaying banana. So she designed an experiment to see if different fruits and vegetables blew up the balloons at different rates. She set up the experiment herself and made observations for about 4 weeks.
The picture above is Victoria's experimental set-up. She put the food into small plastic bottles then capped them with a balloon.

She found that the bananas (
right) blew up the ballon the most, but the red apples (left) sucked in the balloon.

After doing some research with Dad on the internet, she found that apples oxidize faster than other fruits.  She told the judges that "oxidize" means that "it sucks up the oxygen and so sucked the balloon into the bottle."

Below is a picture of her display where she made models of all the food experiments with colored paper to represent the different foods.