Spring break visit to
Sea World in San Antonio
Sea World opened for the season on March 3. Sunday March 4 was a great time to be there because there were no big crowds and we saw all the shows with no waiting.  The water park was closed but it was too cold to get wet anyway.
We saw the "Believe" show with Shamu and a bunch of other killer whales. Charlotte took a couple of really good pictures during the show (above and right).  They warn you about getting wet during the show, and in fact the seats are marked "splash zone" where you can expect to get wet.  We were in the splash zone but we didn't get too wet (see this clip LINK). The Shamu show was great because it focussed more on the animals than did the other shows

Below are a couple of pictures of the girls with Jack Hanna the TV wildlife guy.  He was doing his wildlife talk in one of the pavillions, so we got his picture and autograph.

Tne kids really enjoyed the sea lion show (see the pictures below). The walrus in the picture did sit-ups which I wish we had gottten on video.

The last picture below is of the girls feeding the dolphins.