Trip to Taiwan
December 2007 This trip took me to the cities of Hsinchu and Taipei in the north and Tainan in the south. I flew into the airport in Taipei, then took the new High Speed Rail around the island to various business meetings.

Below left is a picture of the high speed rail pulling into the Hsinchu station on Sunday. the train I was on at one point reached 284 km/hr. Sunday (1st of Advent) I went to mass at St. Christopher's Church in Taipei. The altar from that church is below on the right.
Monday night I went into downtown Taipei with a colleague to explore the area around Longshan Temple (picture below left). The best time to visit one of these active temples is in the evening. We were there around 7PM. Here's a short VIDEO of the activity in the temple.
The picture above on the right is me after walking through the alley behind me which had several "snake restaurants." We did not see any of the harvesting activity famous for these places, but one place had a video running on a big screen TV which was good enough for me. The picture at the left is in front of one of the snake restaurants, but there are signs all around about not taking pictures.

Around every corner in this neighborhood was something interesting. We came across some outdoor street theater(?? ... we didn't hang around for the whole show). Here's another short VIDEO of a small part of the show. The whole area around the temple was like visiting another planet.