The Roamin' Catletts
Family vacation (2014) took us north to Kansas for a few days. The first stop was Wichita and the Guardian of the Plains, at the confluence of the Arkansas and the Little Arkansas Rivers. On Sunday we found a very beautiful church for Mass: St. Antony's (Padua) in Wichita which was built by German immigrants in 1909. It was restored recently and some of the artwork reflects the Vietnamese Catholic community in Wichita who call this church their parish home.

Our next stop was Abilene, KS to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Museum and Library. We spent about 3 hours there and it was well worth the time.
We like Ike!
Things you'll see only in Kansas.
This sign caught my eye just outside of Wamego, KS. It has a very interesting history going back to 1854 when Kansas entered the Union as a free state. A minister from the East Coast (named Beecher) helped raise money for Sharps rifles to be sent to the anti-slavery factions in Kansas. He sent Bibles along with the rifles.

Below are a few pictures from our stop-over in Kirbyville, Mo. The pictures, however, were taken in Branson.